FUJIFILM X70 Confusing operations

FUJIFILM X70 Confusing operations

While the X70 is a great camera, however, it didn't mean it has no weakness. I'm going to spot out all confusing controls of this camera that I think Fujifilm can improve:

DRIVE button

Drive button actually means "MODE" in other cameras. I am quite confused that the "ART FILTER" is actually under the menu this button! It is what it contains:


After you have chosen one of the advanced filter, e.g. "Toy Camera", the simulation will immediately take effect on your camera. And the film simulation won't work anymore. It makes sense because you can't overlay the two simulations together. OK, let's say you want to turn this filter off. What can you do? Click "Drive" button again (because you enabled the filter in drive button, you remember?) and what you need to do next? Click the "STILL IMAGE"! To cancel the advanced filter you have to click the "STILL IMAGE" or "CONTINUOUS" mode. From the user point of view, "STILL IMAGE" & "CONTINUOUS" should not be the opposite of "Advanced Filter", right? Why I can't have "Toy camera" while I am having a continuous mode??

Where the heck is ISO adjustment?

OK, if you like me who enjoy manual mode a lot. You are going to be crazy about where FUJIFILM hided the ISO adjustment. Let me explain in detail:

1. You can control your shutter speed in your shutter speed dial, simple (I like this)
2. You can control your aperture easily with the  aperture ring, simple
3. How can you control ISO? I DONT KNOW!!

Why FUJIFILM didn't use the Exposure Compensation Dial to control the ISO? It is still a mystery to me.

SELECT/FUNCTION Buttons (No printed indications)

Another confusion is how FUJIFILM expect anyone on this earth understands the meaning of these buttons without actually trying it or look it up in MANUAL? Please, just a subtle difference will make your camera much more user friendly!

X70 buttons:


Olympus Buttons:

Hard Rock Macau

Hard Rock Macau

FUJIFILM X70 Sample Pics

FUJIFILM X70 Sample Pics